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Prices start at £15 for 6/ £25 for 12 and go down per cupcake for larger quantities. Available decorated with buttercream and sprinkles and also with bespoke toppers.
Available flavours:

· Double Chocolate Fudge (chocolate sponge, chocolate fudge buttercream)

· Lemon (lemon sponge, lemon buttercream)

· Choconilla (chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream)

· Red Velvet (red velvet sponge, vanilla buttercream)

· Chocolate Caramel (chocolate sponge, caramel buttercream)

· Cherry Bakewell (almond sponge, cherry or raspberry jam, almond buttercream, glace cherries)

· Vanilla & Raspberry (vanilla sponge, raspberry jam, vanilla buttercream)

· Chocolate Orange (chocolate sponge, chocolate orange buttercream)

· Mocha Chocca (chocolate sponge, coffee buttercream)

· Vanilla Choc Hazelnut (vanilla sponge, chocolate hazelnut buttercream)

· Chocolate Hazelnut (chocolate sponge, chocolate hazelnut buttercream)

· Victoria Sponge (vanilla sponge, vanilla buttercream, strawberry jam)

· Caramelised Lotus Biscoff (caramel sponge, biscoff buttercream, Biscoff sandwich biscuits)

· Cookies & Cream (chocolate sponge, vanilla buttercream with crushed Oreos)

· Turkish Delight (chocolate sponge, rose buttercream)

· Chocolate Raspberry (chocolate sponge, chocolate buttercream, raspberry jam)

· Chocolate Peanut Butter (chocolate sponge, peanut butter buttercream)

· Black Forest (chocolate sponge, cherry jam, vanilla buttercream, black cherries, chocolate blossoms or shards)

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